Brain Entrainment and Trading: Enhance Your Theta, and Alpha Brain Waves  

What if you could control your state of mind?

Suppose you could easily choose to control your brainwaves and experience peace of mind whenever you wanted.

The benefits would lead you to higher levels of creativity,concentration,focus during trading deeper levels of calmness, improved sleep, rejuvenation, greater health, and a truly fulfilling life.

Brain wave voyages aren’t a fantasy, or a futuristic technology cooked up by science fiction. Brainwave entrainment is a real technology available to everyone right now. And it’s as easy as popping a CD into your stereo.

This is a small part of what you will get:

Since 2006 we are pioneers  in brainwave entrainment. Our center for Neuroacoustic research developed binaural brainwave entrainment products that feature lush soundscapes, or soothing music, that gently relaxes your mind and body.

Behind the sea or rain  sounds , just out of your conscious awareness, are powerful breakthrough audio frequences that stimulate your brainwaves, triggering a natural state of heightened awareness. Often our hectic lives disrupt our natural, healthy brain waves. Brainwave entrainment gently guides our brain waves back into their optimal state.

Brainwave Suite Wave Set For Trading

alpha wavestheta waves




This set of  brainwave files allows you to choose which brain waves you want to produce, including alpha, theta

ALPHA Relaxation & Meditation

This peaceful brainwave frequencies targets alpha waves.

It does exactly what the title implies. You’ll experience deep relaxation and a heightened state of meditation designed for stress reduction.

THETA Insight & Intuition

This  produces theta brain waves.

Theta brainwave frequencies promote vivid imagery, insight, and expansive creativity. These frequencies enhances your creative problem solving, intuition and artistic expression.

 ALPHA and THETA waves will be available to you at 27$. You will receive it in your email in the next 24 hours after payment with Paypal.  





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